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Regular dental visits are essential to make sure oral health problems — from tooth decay to oral cancer — are detected and treated in a timely manner. At our office, your oral health is our paramount concern. We want to make sure your teeth stay healthy, function well and look great! From regular cleanings and exams to advanced restorative treatments, all of your routine dental needs can be met right here.

We specialize in IV and Oral Sedation to ensure the most comfortable dental experience for you and your family.

The other services that we offer are:

Dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care, Dr. Mills has created a practice that combines advanced skill with comprehensive dental service. Safety precautions and sterilization techniques surpass The Center for Disease Control standards, assuring you complete confidence in infection control. Every detail of our practice is designed to help you enjoy a positive experience at each visit.

Implant Dentistry (Tooth Replacement)
Tooth loss can rob you of many things, not the least of which is your smile. It can also compromise your appetite, confidence, and self-esteem. Dental Implants can significantly improve your appearance, comfort, and ability to chew and enjoy food. Implant Dentistry enhances your quality of life by restoring the natural look, feel and function of real teeth.

Dr. Mills has extensive training and experience in the diagnosis, placement and restoration of all types of Dental Implants. His office is specially designed and equipped for all stages of Dental Implant treatment, from surgical placement to the making and final delivery of your teeth. Less than 5% of dental offices in the United States provide this multi-phase implant service. Ask Dr. Mills about Dental Implants for you or someone you care about.

General Dentistry (Continuous Dental Care)
Prevention is the best way to protect your smile and avoid costly dental treatment. Regular care visits help maintain a healthy mouth and detect problems early. Preventive care appointments include an evaluation of teeth and gums; thorough cleaning and polishing; oral cancer screening; periodic x-rays to detect decay, bone loss or tumors; and individual consultation.

Dr. Mills provides a full range of dental services for patients of all ages, including root canal therapy, surgical and nonsurgical gum treatment, extractions (including wisdom teeth), and TMJ therapy.

Restorative Dentistry (Tooth Repair)
Today’s advancements in dentistry provide excellent options for restoring teeth. Porcelain crowns, veneers, bridges, and full and partial dentures can give you back a smile that is attractive and functional.

Dr. Mills utilizes state-of-the-art equipment and materials to create smiles that are both flattering and natural-looking. 

Cosmetic Dentistry (Smile Enhancement)
Your smile is often the first thing others notice. Shouldn’t it compliment you beautifully? Whether your smile needs whitening or repair of chipped, broken or misaligned teeth, today’s cosmetic dentistry has beautiful solutions for any need. Porcelain veneers, crowns, bonding, tooth-colored fillings and tooth whitening are excellent options to enhance your smile.

Advanced Technology
To achieve optimal results with your comfort as a top priority, we provide the latest advancements in dental technology and skills.

  • IntraOral Camera - Allows patients to view enlargements of specific areas in the mouth for informed participation in treatment decisions.
  • Air Abrasion - Eliminates the need for drilling, injections and lingering numbness after treatment.
  • Diagnodent - Aids in the detection of caries. Even very small lesions are detected at the earliest stage, enabling you to protect and preserve the tooth substance.
  • Arestin - An effective antibiotic treatment delivered directly to an infection site, which kills the bacteria that causes periodontal disease. http://www.arestin.com/

Comfort Options

  • I.V. Sedation - Often referred to as “twilight sleep” this allows patients to complete dental procedures without anxiety or recall.
  • Oral Sedation - A non-intravenous conscious sedation method used to promote relaxation.
  • Nitrous Oxide - Relaxation method by inhalation that reduces anxiety during treatment.

Emergency Dental Treatment

If you have a life-threatening or severe injury, call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. We can treat a variety of traumatic dental injuries, including teeth that have been chipped, moved, or knocked out entirely. Please call our office for assistance.

James E. Mills, DDS & associates

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